Xorsist – At the Somber Steps To Serenity MC


1. A Life in Vain
2. Carve It Out
3. Blessed By the Divine
4. Imitation
5. Coterie of the Depraved
6. Banished To Obscurity
7. Distorted Shapes
8. Grace
9. Darkened Wings
10. At the Somber Steps To Serenity


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Hailing from the hallowed city that birthed classic death metal acts such as Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed before them, Stockholm, Sweden’s XORSIST are preparing to release their sophomore album, At the Somber Steps of Serenity. Having built up a glowing reputation in the Swedish underground by fans new and old, XORSIST’s core sound is one rooted in deep reverence for the genre’s roots as much as it is a spirited progression of the raw and uncompromising Stockholm sound.

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