Werewolves – My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me LP


1. Under The Ground
2. My Enemies Look & Sound Like Me
3. Bring Me To The Kill
4. Brace For Impact
5. Destroyer of Worlds
6. Neanderhell
7. I Hate Therefore I Am
8. Do Not Hold Me Back
9. I Know Nothing Then And I Know Less Now


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My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me’ is the mature effort of a band approaching the midpoint of both their career and their lives, fine-tuning audio violence and desperate to leave nothing on the table before the hormones fade and dementia kicks in. This album is as idiotic as the rest, if not more. CAVEMAN RIFFS. Blasting. Screaming. Bowing to a shrine with pictures of Mortician, Marduk, and Angelcorpse. This isn’t going to be the album that brings people together and catalyses world peace.

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