Undeath – It’s Time…To Rise From the Grave CD


1. Fiend for Corpses 03:19
2. Defiled Again 03:15
3. Rise from the Grave 03:35
4. Necrobionics 03:31
5. Enhancing the Dead 03:55
6. The Funeral Within 03:45
7. Head Splattered in Seven Ways 03:49
8. Human Chandelier 03:53
9. Bone Wrought 02:38
10. Trampled Headstones 03:49


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Death is their chief lyrical concern and avowed metal subgenre, but the members of Rochester, New York’s UNDEATH share a decidedly life-affirming outlook. “I think all of us love death metal so much,” vocalist Alexander Jones explaines, “because when it’s done well, it sits right at the intersection of pure musicianship and mindless fun.” There is a specific type of fun he is referring to: the spine-tingling thrill of campy horror movies, of screaming unintelligibly for no reason at all.  It is the restless, ridiculous heartbeat underlying UNDEATH’s music.

If Undeath sound hyper-focused on one style, their commitment to this vision is also part of their appeal. The lyrics take delight in exploring death, torture, and general disfigurement from every angle. The message is plain: The human body is disgusting. Man’s capacity for evil knows no limits. The end is near and always looming closer. Undeath excel by soundtracking these thoughts through pitch-perfect metal bursting with energy. For them, death is only the beginning. – Sam Sodomsky/Pitchfork

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