Reaping Asmodeia – Darkened Infinity LP


1. Parasight 01:13
2. Epoch of Choler 04:00
3. False Awakening 04:01
4. Lamentations 00:47
5. Simulacra 04:01
6. Terpsichorean Flume 00:48
7. Dreamcaster 03:37
8. The Forge of Moira 05:12
9. Switching Shadows 04:22
10. Oneironautic Oblivion 03:30
11. Aberration 01:08
12. The Consequence of Being 03:22


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Reinvigorated and revitalized, REAPING ASMODEIA are back and set to leave their mark on 2021 with their third full length, Darkened Infinity – due for release via Prosthetic Records on October 15. The Minneapolis, Minnesota three-piece present twelve tracks of rhythmically acerbic modern technical death metal and thematically dauntless songwriting, weaving together a conceptual story of transcendence, consciousness and humanity’s ongoing struggle with the psychological self.

Darkened Infinity sees REAPING ASMODEIA capitalize on a growing reverence within extreme metal circles for their off-kilter time signature changes and complex songwriting, thanks in no small part to Alexander Kelly (guitars) and Daniel Koppy (drums)’s blistering sonic camaraderie that make the foundations of the band’s assault. Replete with an inhumanly savage vocal performance across Darkened Infinity’s runtime from Steven Lane, the trio shine on apocalyptic album highlights False Awakening, Oneironautic Oblivion and Simulacra.

Produced and engineered by the band themselves in Minneapolis before being mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Machine Head, All Shall Perish, Carnifex) at Castle Ultimate and Sharkbite Studios, Darkened Infinity’s intricate lead melodies unfurl with a menacing clarity when set against the album’s more abrasive tones.

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