Judicator – The Majesty of Decay LP


1. Euphoric Parasitism 05:32
2. The Majesty of Decay 05:09
3. From the Belly of the Whale 06:29
4. Daughter of Swords 05:34
5. Ursa Minor 04:56
6. Ursa Major 05:38
7. The High Priestess 05:25
8. The Black Elk 04:53
9. Judgment 07:35
10. Metamorphosis 09:38


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Brass recorded by Michael Sasich at Man vs. Music
Drums edited by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Studios
Guitar, bass, and vocals edited by Will Salazar at Reverent Sound Studios

Mixed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Studios
Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio

Artwork by Marc Whisnant

Judicator logo by Christopher Horst at Horst Type Foundry

All music and lyrics written by John Yelland

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12" Vinyl Records