Gama Bomb – BATS CD


1. Prologue: Under The Pyramids
2. Egyptron (Feat. The Egyptian Lover)
3. Living Dead In Beverly Hills
4. Rusted Gold
5. Materialize
6. Mask of Anarchy
7. Don’t Get Your Hair Cut
8. Dreamstealer
9. Speed Funeral
10. Secular Saw
11. Bats In Your Hair


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Upon hitting play on the opening prologue track of BATS, it’s safe to assume that we’re about to embark on quite the journey – with GAMA BOMB as our intrepid tour guides. From the tombs of Egypt to the faded glamour of old Hollywood, Philly, Domo, John, Joe and James lead us through new sonic landscapes and all manner of novel adventures on what they themselves call their “weirdest” album yet.

BATS is an album that could only be borne from GAMA BOMB; on this, their eighth studio album, they have embraced their inner absurdities, they’ve taken a trust fall into each other’s arms, relying on the idiosyncratic glue that has bound them together over the last 21 years to propel them forwards.

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