Fires in the Distance – Air Not Meant For Us (Galaxy Blue) LP


1. Harbingers
2. Wisdom of Falling Leaves
3. Crumbling Pillars of a Tranquil Mind
4. Adrift, Beneath the Listless Waves
5. Psalm of the Merciless
6. Idiopathic Despair


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Second pressing of what Decibel Magazine is calling it one of the top 40 albums of 2024.

Available on Galaxy Blue wax and limited to 500 copies worldwide.


On their second long player, FIRES IN THE DISTANCE further expand on their musical foundations of wistful melodicism, crushingly heavy guitar work and intricate atmospherics. Across Air Not Meant For Us’ six tracks, FIRES IN THE DISTANCE tie together intensely personal ruminations on mental health and themes of existentialism in the form of mortality salience, without losing sight of the importance of perseverance. With a runtime of 51 minutes across six songs, FIRES IN THE DISTANCE’s sophomore effort is a melodic doom and death metal odyssey in both artistic vision and sound.

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