Disguised Malignance – Entering the Gateways LP


1. Gates to Nihil
2. Confined
3. Unearthly Extinction
4. The Fading Path of Existence
5. Malignant Visions
6. Remnants of Serentiy
7. Disengagement Into Eternity
8. Beyond (Entering the Gateways)


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Disguised Malignance weaves a sonic tapestry of pure malevolence, summoning a maelstrom of crushing guitars that chills the soul. With each track, they deliver a visceral onslaught that transports listeners to the very gates of hell itself.

Entering the Gateways firmly establishes the band as purveyors of pure darkness, leaving a mark on the Finnish death metal scene that cannot be ignored. Brace yourself, for the gates have been opened, and Disguised Malignance will guide you through a journey of malevolence that will haunt your very soul.

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