Disguised Malignance – Entering the Gateways CD


1. Gates to Nihil
2. Confined
3. Unearthly Extinction
4. The Fading Path of Existence
5. Malignant Visions
6. Remnants of Serentiy
7. Disengagement Into Eternity
8. Beyond (Entering the Gateways)


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Entering the Gateways, the Finnish death metal group’s inaugural full-length, sees DISGUISED MALIGNANCE mining the depths of ontological horror and celestial transcendence to carefully construct the band’s foundational sound of old school death metal sensibilities with a calculatedly modern view of technical songwriting embellishments. Frenzied passages careen and jolt forward with a menacing intent, whilst swarming tremolos and a dexterous rhythmic backbone bring to mind greats such as Demilich and Cryptopsy.

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