Death Goals – A Garden Of Dead Flowers LP


A Side
1. Genderless Clones Of Gameshow Hosts 02:56
2. A Garden Of Dead Flowers 03:13
3. Ultraviolence 02:09
4. Loveless 03:24
5. P.A.N.S.Y 03:06


B Side
6. Death Goals In Cursive 02:14
7. I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead (Taking A Bullet For You) 03:00
8. If I’m The Enemy Then Who’s The Protagonist? 01:39
9. Last Night I Had A Dream About Death 01:56
10. Year Of The Guillotine 01:14
11. Faux Macho 03:45


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Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tom Hill at The Bookhouse Studio in London, UK.

Produced by Death Goals and Tom Hill, with pre-production by Kieran P.A at F/H Block in London, UK.
Music and lyrics by Death Goals.

Additional vocals on ‘Faux Macho’ by Tom Hill and Leah Sidebotham

Photography by Gabriel Wilson.

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