Blind Equation – Death Awaits CD


1. death awaits
2. speedrunning life
3. you betrayed the ones you loved 03:10
4. fade away
5. choke
6. never getting better 02:19
7. killing me [Ft. Rat Jesu]
8. suffering in silence [Ft. DEATHTRIPPA]
9. warmth
10. the last glimpse of me


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DEATH AWAITS is the new album from CYBERGRIND leaders, BLIND EQUATION. There is noise, auto-tune, a whole lot of keyboards, and some glorious blasts. But there is also a lot to unpack throughout the scope of cybergrind. Chiptune, Nintendocore, grindcore, metalcore, hardcore, punk, and beyond. People who like the 2000s era MySpace bands,. Ghengis Tron, Atomsmasher, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and ZOMBIESHARK! will probably find something to love here. If one is going to go down the cybergrind rabbit hole, Blind Equation is a great jumping-off point. It is well-composed, interesting, aggressive, and emotional. Welcome to ’23. We are in the future. Get cybergrinding on this!

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